Say Yes to Adventure is high-quality print publication focused on reaching ambitious, adventurous and creatively minded people. We feature inspiring stories, beautiful photography and stunning illustrations that are not only an epic adventure but also provide an emotional experience that captivates the reader – a fresh take on the world we explore; ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Say Yes to Adventure is independently designed and published in Christchurch, New Zealand. We look forward to finding the right candidates to join our team as we grow and do great things.




Do you want to show off your skills across design mediums? Print, digital and/or video? Say Yes to Adventure is continually searching for people who have outstanding ideas and can work with the company going forward. If you have an idea on how we could work together and have skills in the creative industry, then drop us a line at with what you can offer us.


We are continually searching for editorial, photography and/or illustration contributors. We won’t delve into details of what we are looking for — see our contributor page for more information on what we are looking for, or send us an email at